Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Jurisdiction of the Internet

Well what can I say about the net. People who came from the "third world countries", met with those from the "first world" countries. What's fair? What's not fair.

How would we position ourselves, how could we filter out unwanted forces? How would we improve our meanings of life... How would we protect our good meanings of life.

Respecting terms and conditions is one way... and for now I only see this way. Let's improve this culture, support it, and make it easier to adopt, more intuitive, and strong, so that it could accomodate differences and maneuvers of the big net.

Let's encourage influential bodies, to certify forms of terms and conditions, or to unite terms and conditions for many uses. Not just exclusive per-site, but multisites applicability. A community, that freely share contents and also respect each other. A community that supports mutual solution creators and their mutual meanings. A community that would give rise to more affiliated communities to make more mutual relationships and put away non mutual relationships.

Make the world richer.

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