Friday, 12 April 2013

Google has the most efficient Legal notices

Google services' model of legal documents or legal relationship, really saves me time and effort.
It has one general T&C applies for every services, and special T&C when we get to use the relevant services.
As I've talked about in my previous post, this is the kind of model I want. Because when comes to Legal Documents the right way to do it is to read the whole thing that's presented to you by the other party, no matter how boring or repetitive they are.
But you also need to understand the whole thing to be able to agree to them, and this takes serious part of you to participate in the connection. (To be a part of the solution for the provider of the solutions, to pay at least something for the services you'll enjoy).
Google's mode helps me to better focus on the relevant issues as I don't have to filter out or reread again the same thing over and over again. This model imo has lower friction that would enable you to connect and became a part of the solutions.

I think most websites should get together and make this kind of model "from general to specific" Legal documents, to further our connections not just casually but also legally, peacefully, in more intense multi-purpose integrated ways... Lovely.

God Bless, God make the future always better than the past. For Lovely people.