Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Calling! Advices, Alliances, Prayers, Arrangements, Terms and Conditions!

MMMM.... I don't know where you are but,
Watched TVOne today and High Dollar rate impact the price of Soy in Indonesia.

Watch: Link

For our sources of solutions, this could escalate seriously. Higher price of oil, Higher prices of alternatives, risk of businesses going down!
People are not ready yet, this is why I posted in Kongregate.com Serious discussion (Calling!) to make terms and conditions first with the people and not just do free trade.
There's going to be a void, and I know that entrepreneurs will come and local innovation would flourish, but! This is rather drastic, even more than me!
In order to get this through we need to unite, and diversify our shares of businesses everywhere.
Put away as much hate as possible and share shares among each other! Even small businesses! (Calling GPdI Bethesda Church (Makassar))

- Pak Hendrikussudin
- Ibu Evi
- Ibu Anneke Mandagi
- Ibu Leonarda
- Ibu Aldegonda
- Ibu Margaretha Paganggi
- Ibu Yasinta
- Ibu Lontoh
- dkk.

Monday, 19 August 2013