Saturday, 18 June 2011

How to understand better, hefty terms and conditions

Read them 5 times:

1. In the context of what the other party or provider of the service gave (Progive)
2. What the other party didn't give (-progive)
3. What the other party asked (proasked)
4. What the other party didn't asked and/or reject (-proasked)

5 The script once more.

I haven't completed this method myself, this is just the ideal, but attempting it has helped my perception of Windows' terms of agreements. What about it... right? lol


Update 4th October... I found also you could look at the terms and conditions in point of views of relationships:

1. Terms for the sake of maintaining relationships with the law (governing laws)
2. Then because they want to obey the law they are going to take care of us (privacy policies)
3. Then because they've covered their obligation they'd officially have rights for us to maintain (rules, copyright, trademarks, disclaimer, limited liabilities, warranties).

Reading the terms and conditions is all about maintaining availabilities of life solutions in our reality. By participating in respecting other people's rights we'd improve support for our rights and accesses to life solutions.

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